Star Force 7

The Chill of Distant Eyes Teaser #2 from StarForce7 on Vimeo.

In the 44th century, a ship containing the last refugees of an endangered humanoid species, pursued by a genocidal maniac bent on their destruction, arrives in orbit above the distant planet Despian. The Elven rulers of Despian and a group of Star Force soldiers from Earth find themselves in the middle of this personal war. But not all is as simple as it appears when they discover the madman has a far more sinister goal in mind. His arrival brings the discovery of the Koralai solar system and an artifact said to hold the power of ancient gods. Will Despian forge an alliance with Koralai or stand at war with the alien’s home planet?

The Chill of Distant Eyes Production Blog #3 from StarForce7 on Vimeo.

The Chill of Distant Eyes Production Blog #3